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Committee Sign Up

Welcome to the Committee sign up portal. On this page you can fill in and sign up to assist specific committees based upon your interest. We will be adding several committees, but for now we have the following committees: Membership, Fundraising, Social, Team Apparel and design, Communications and Swim meets 

Meet Committee:

Christine McCrady

Hubie Kerns

Mark Richards

Kristin Volz

Fundraising and Scholarship:

Doug Cohen

Zach Harrison

Jody Wesgate

Social Events:

Christine McCrady

Mark Richards

Kristin Volz

Antione Skrzypek

Community/ Charity:

Debbie Rosenbaum

Digital Hub:

Maria Emerson

Jody Wesgate

Team Apparel:

Matt Goracy

Andrew H Jacobus

Jody Wesgate


Melissa Scott

Debbie Weinstein


Victor Aimi

Sofia Pineda

Open Water:

Danny Rosenberg

Judit Henrici

Sign Up for specific committees

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